Go Green and Save!

Only Coleman® Spas offers a complete Green package for your hot tub with eco-friendly features and options that include:

There are three key components to a Green spa:

Coleman® Spas
use smart technology
to run efficiently and
use less energy!
Insulation keeps hot water
in and cold weather out to
reduce power needs!
Reduce chemical usage and keep water crystal clean at all times!


  • Recognized by the California Energy Commission as an energy-efficient spa
  • Flow-Thru™ manifolds improve water efficiency
  • The efficient Eco 24-7 Filtration Solution™ circulates water in your hot tub through the filter and heater at a 36 gallons per minute while using less than 1/2 an amp of power
  • The Green Pack 40/50™ lowers operating costs by using smart technology to lower heating consumption when booster pumps are operational. This allows operation of two pumps and a heater within standard 40 amp service.
  • The Green Friction Heating Fitting automatically heats whenever the pump circulates--reducing the need to run additional heat


  • The Energy Saver Thermo Layer™ Insulation blanket provides an extra layer of protection for your hot tub from the elements
  • The ABS Bottom Armor™ Tray locks in heat and seals out moisture
  • Coleman® Choice™ cabinet panels feature the durability and insulation of fiberglass
  • The Hydro-Armor™ tapered spa cover provides the final layer of insulation and protection



  • The HyroClear™ Ozonator purifies water using active ozone bubbles from a Corona Discharge cell
  • The Pure Flow™ anti-microbial filter keeps the spa sanitized while minimizing chemical usage