6 Person,
7' Lounger Spa


The mid-size 7' Lounger Spa is the perfect destination for all of your hot tub gatherings. Guests will absolutely love sitting in the contoured seats and experiencing the different jet configurations that target key stress areas in the back. You'll love your alone time in the full-length lounger as you receive an upper and lower body massage from 56 Massage Therapy Stainless Steel Jets with Triple Prong design. The Comfort-Luxe™ pillows in select seats also do a wonderful job releasing tension in the neck for unparalleled relaxation.

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Featured Options


Exclusive Hi-Light™ Jet Lighting and Valve Lighting Upgrade

Add a splash of color and distinction to your Coleman® Spa with exclusive red jets. This unique jet design perfectly complements the red three-port water feature that is standard on each spa. Now Hi-Light™ Jet Lighting and Valve Lighting are NOW AVAILABLE TOGETHER as ONE OPTIONAL FEATURE.


iSound™ iPod Dock with Speakers

Start the party with the available iSound™ iPod Dock with two speakers. Just plug your iPod, iPhone or iTouch into the dock and adjust the volume for your favorite soundtrack on demand.


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